Oncology Nurse Quits

Oncology Nurse Quits After 17 Years to Promote Natural Cancer Healing Therapies Instead


For most people, a cancer diagnosis is seen as a death sentence, and the grim prognoses by doctors certainly don’t help, either. 

Driven (understandably in most cases) by fear, cancer patients submit to their doctors’ advice and accept chemotherapy despite the fact that it was recently shown to actually make cancer tumors more malignant.

With more and more chemicals, GMOs and other cancer-causing materials in our environment, the decision to go the “modern” medicine route or to take a more natural and holistic approach is one that countless millions of people will make in the upcoming years.

Which decision is the right one? For one longtime oncology nurse, the answer is clear.


Leaving the “Conventional” Cancer Industry

After 17 years working in a lucrative career as an oncology nurse, Valerie Warwick finally had no choice but to walk away.

Warwick had always been skeptical of using the heavily expensive and debilitating procedure to treat patients, as she tells host and chemo-free cancer survivor Chris Wark in the video below.

“My initial thought was, how can you be giving poisons to people and expecting them to heal…?”

Now, Warwick takes a nutrition-centric approach in her work as a holistic healer instead.

In the interview below with Wark of the website Chris Beat Cancer (see their Facebook page here and subscribe to their YouTube channel here), she describes her experience, including the difficult times she’s had watching patients and family suffer from chemo, radiation and poor nutrition choices, as well as some info on promising natural treatments.

Some of the highlights include “why doctors are not allowed to offer any other therapies” at the 24:44 mark, what she’s learned at alternative cancer clinics at the 30:11 mark, and what she thinks of cannabis oil at the 43:00 mark.    
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Oncology Nurse Quits